Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good Behavior Punch Cards

I created a punch card for good behavior. You may want to use it for various reasons such as being caught doing the right thing or homework. I have used them in the past and once the card is full the student got to go the prize box. I also would copy them on card stock or construction paper for the card to be a little sturdier. Hope this is something somebody else can use.


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  2. These are awesome! I will definately be using these this year versus tickets. I found your blog via the linky party and became a follower! Come check out my blog at my

  3. That is so interesting! I have a similar card, with 15 smileys but the students start with all the smileys on Monday. Each smiley is one minute of free time. I cross smileys out for behavior infractions. Then on Friday afternoon, students get however much free time is left on their cards. Students who have had a few smileys crossed off do work until it is time for them to join the free time.

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