Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Witches, Monsters, and Elections, Oh My!

Planning for October is always lots of fun!  I love all the things we study in 2nd grade that tie into themes/curriculum for this month. 

Sound - Bats and echolocation - Stellaluna and nonfiction bat books
Life Cycles - Pumpkins - I have several nonfiction books for this too!
Witches and Monsters - Character Traits - Too many books to name - Check out this post for a list.
As I sit on the couch with the TV playing, I start to get really excited annoyed it is debate time!  Listening to the responses, I realized I want to know what the kiddos think of the candidates this year.  We have not even talked about it at all.  I love hearing their take on the commercials and what their parents have been saying.  In the past, during elections I have used Kids Voting USA.  I usually hold an election in the class as well.  I am working on some new writing activities and a interactive smart notebook.  I hope to finish it this week.  Once I am finished I will share some of the things I create for elections.  What are you planning?  

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