Saturday, October 11, 2014

Free Fall Treats

I love this time of year!  Living near the mountains of North Carolina, I am able to enjoy the fall foliage.  It is such a beautiful season, wonderful weather, and fun get togethers.  In the area I live, we have lots of Chicken Stews in the fall too.  All I can say is YUMMY!

I thought I would share some free treats I have for the fall season to use with your students.

There once was a little witch that decided to go to school, but something terrible happened.  She lost her broom!  Well, not really but it worked for my kiddos.  Checkout the Pinterest inspired craft and writing activity I created to go along with it.  I made a quick template, got some paint swatches (or whatever you call those things), glue sticks, some stickers, and of course the students and began creating.  Here is the freebie writing activity.

Another treat I have is Candy Corn Adjectives!  Yummy!!! This Fabulous Fall Freebie can be used inn any classroom. I saw a bulletin board on Pinterest and now can't find it. That board was my inspiration for this activity. The bulletin board was a big piece of candy corn. The students were filling in adjectives to show why they like Halloween. So I created my own activity for my class to do with it. I hope you can use it.

Have a Happy Fall!

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