Saturday, November 29, 2014

Planning for December and Beyond...Cyber Monday Sale

Teachers Pay Teachers is having another wonderful sale for Cyber Monday!  My store will be 20% off and when you 10% discount that makes it 28% off your purchases.  What a great deal!!!

These are some of the Holiday and Winter items I have planned for December and the beginning of the new year. 

For Candy Cane Day, we will be wearing red and white stripes.  I created a few items for activities for the day.

One of my fellow teachers is using my set of books. They are going to start Stanley's Christmas Adventure on Monday.  Maybe they will  have several Flat Stanley's traveling around the United States for the holidays.  I just love these books!!!


I am also excited about the writing activities I have planned for the students before Christmas.  I can't wait to see how their writing has improved over the last few weeks/months. 


Let it SNOW!!!  We will be having some snow filled activities too!  We may wait and begin these after the holidays.

Yummy Hot Chocolate will be treat after our break too.  Something to enjoy during assessments.

One of my favorites, New Year's Resolutions! This is awesome a great thing to do with the class.  It always surprises me to find and what some of their hopes and dreams are! 

I hope you have a great time shopping and planning!
Merry Christmas!

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