Monday, February 4, 2013

Answered Prayers and Criticial Thinking

Answered Prayers!

I just heard a little bit ago the five year old boy, Ethan, that has been held hostage in Midland City, Alabama has been safely returned to his family.  I can only imagine the joy the family had when they go to see, hug, and hold their little boy.  Many prayers have been said for this boy, his family, the bus driver and his family, and all the kids on the bus last week.  I plan to keep them all in my prayers in the future as healing begins for them. 


Critical Thinking

Yep, I could not transition at all, so the not so cute little line will have to do.  Today, I went to UNC Greensboro for a workshop on Critical Thinking and Revised Bloom's Taxonomy.  It was a workshop through PTEC.  Well all I can say is... I am done thinking for one day.  Yes, a Monday and critical thinking skills being used at 8:30 am.   UUUGGGHHHH! is what I was thinking.  In the end, I learned a lot.  Remembered I was doing many of these things already, and am ready to dive into more thought proving lessons in my class tomorrow.  Sometimes a good review and fresh ideas are something we need.  But next time, maybe a Monday workshop is not best.  :)

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  1. Loving your blog, Diane. I found you through Beth Ann's Mid-Winter Blues giveaway, and I'm now your newest follower. Isn't it great to find new friends..?