Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Easy Technology Tools for the Classroom

Two websites that are making my life easier in the classroom are

 XtraMath logo

These free websites are wonderful for students, easy for the parents to understand and use, and FREE for the teacher.  Yes, I said FREE!

XtraMath helps students with their math facts. You can set it for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.  You just type in your students name and select the grade.  It is super easy and if you need help the site has a number of quick video tutorials for teachers and parents.  https://www.xtramath.org/home/videos  It takes less than 5 minutes per day per student to complete.  LOVE IT!

Class Dojo is a tool to use in the classroom that helps teachers improve behavior.  It is quick and easy to use too.  Just add your students.  Track using a smart phone or computer.  It can be used for positive and negative behaviors.  You can change the 'rules and expectations' to fit your class.  Reports can be generated and shared with parents.  My kiddos love this.  It is the easiest tracker for data and easy to use!

Check out these tools and let me know if you fall in love with them too!  By the way, how many times did I use the word EASY??? :)

What tools are must haves in your classroom?

Happy Teaching!

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