Monday, September 17, 2012

Just another Monday

I think I need to pinch myself or maybe I just need to check the calendar.  Today was Monday, right???  Well, usually you hear people complain, scream, yell, and even through tantrums about Mondays.  I honestly can say I have been in school for fifteen days and today was the BEST day yet.  Yes, I know it was a Monday!!!  But, it was the best day this school year.  My students are GREAT!!!!  I love each and every one of my second graders.  They have the best personalities. I really have not figured out which of these things made my day the best, but here are a few items that contributed to the best day.
  •  I finished beginning of the year assessments at 2:08pm today. 
  • My morning was full of hugs from past students.
  • My day was full of wonderfully behaved kiddos.
  • Our math lesson was amazing!
  • Yummy leftovers for lunch.
  • I left at 4:20!
Hopefully Tuesday is terrific!

1 comment:

  1. Call me crazy, but Mondays are ALWAYS my best days. I feel like you get an opportunity every week to start off fresh. I love it. I just started following your blog. :)

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