Sunday, March 9, 2014

Egg-cited about Spring and Hatching Chicks

I really think we all may be excited about spring.  This past week, my school left early one day because of weather, came in one day late, and we also missed Friday because of an ice storm.  Then on Saturday and today it has been in the upper 60's.  I keep saying Mother Nature is mad at us all.  Hopefully, spring is just around the corner.

We are beginning our life cycle unit.  Our class will be receiving chicken eggs this week.  We will have chicks in just 21 days after they arrive.  My hope is the weather will have stabilized, and we will be enjoying springtime as we anticipate the arrival of our little chirping chicks. To get us egg-cited about the eggs and to keeps learning about the scientific method and plan on using Egg-speriments by Ginger Snaps.

Eggsperiments for Teaching the Scientific Method {A Mini Unit}

Each day we will also be using some of the activities from Life Cycle of a Chicken Literacy and Science Activities.  I like incorporating this unit in literacy activities too.  We will also be writing about the process using The Life of a Chick Writing Activity.

The Life Cycle of a Chick Writing Activity
Another activity I did with my class last year was Big Chickens Craftivity and Writing Activity.
This is what the bulletin board looked like after we finished the craft and writing.  

If you have any ideas to go along with this unit, please leave a comment.  

Happy Sunday!!!

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