Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ice Ice Baby, Giveaway, Award, and Migraine

Only in the South...

6 am will dismiss at 11:00 due to possible snow, sleet, and ice
9:10 am . . . email . . . school will be dismissing at 9:30
10:00 am . . . heading home!

Yes, we did got some snow, sleet, and ice, but not that much.  Bread, milk, and eggs were on the list for everybody to go to the grocery store and get.  I simply went home!  :)  You could not have paid me to go to the store with all the folks that thought they were going to be snowed or iced in for days.

I am excited to be helping out in a couple of giveaways this weekend. what i have learned is actually hosting 5 giveaways!  My Presidents Literacy Unit is included in Giveaway 2.


Another Giveaway -
I am also participating in a giveaway with iLive2LearniLove2Grow.  I am giving away my Valentine Love Is Literacy Unit.
Liebster Award -
I have been nominated again!  I am so excited! 
I was nominated by is 1st Grade Fireworks.  Check out her adorable blog.
This is my second nomination for this award. :)  Check out my previous post to learn all about me! 

A migraine for one week - STINKS!!!  I am so done with it now!  I just wish it would go away!!! 

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  1. Thanks for the comment about my blog! You are a true "bloggy" friend! :)